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What are Cookies?

They are small files of data stored on your computer to help the a website remember your preferences, allow you to log into sites, know if you visited the site before. We cookies on CSIbaisics to deliver things like our social media integration (Facebook & Twitter) we also use them to keep track of visitor numbers.

A full description of the cookies we use can be found below.

Which are used on CSIbasics?


Session cookies

Files that allow a site to link the actions of a visitor during a single browser session. These might be used by an internet bank or webmail service. They are not stored long term and are considered “less privacy intrusive” than persistent cookies.

Persistent cookies

These remain on the user’s device between sessions and allow one or several sites to remember details about the visitor. They may be used by marketers to target advertising or to avoid the user having to provide a password each visit.

First and third-party cookies

A cookie is classed as being first-party if it is set by the site being visited. It might be used to study how people navigate a site.

It is classed as third-party if it is issued by a different server to that of the domain being visited. It could be used to trigger a banner advert based on the visitor’s viewing habits.

How do I delete/block them

You can disable or delete them from your browser, for a guide on how to do this please select your browser:

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