Significant Milestone

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Following 8 months of hard work we have now been signed off to respond for West Midlands Ambulance Service.

At a clinical governance meeting with West Midlands Ambulance Service Foundation Trust CSIbasics have now been given the go ahead to respond within Shropshire.  It took eight months for the committee to complete the necessary paperwork and write the SOPs before presenting it for peer review and final sign off by WMAS’s medical director and clinical governance team.

This shows the level of detail the charity and ambulance trust goes to to ensure that the care provided to patients we treat is the safest it can be, after all we are brining hospital A+E intensive care to the patient whether that is in there own home or at the roadside.  We hope to have our first batch of responders up and running in Shropshire by the end of the year, this will complement the responders already being activated by North West Ambulance Service in Cheshire.

Of course this now means we need your help to raise funds to ensure we can provide this service, this can be done by donating to our charity.

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