Diamond Jubilee medal

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Dr Graeme Spencer was just one of our members who received his Diamond Jubilee medal today.

Graeme started working Pre-Hosptial back in 1997, so is well deserved of his Diamond Jubilee medal!  Well done Graeme, now get back to responding for CSIbasics!

The Diamond Jubilee medal is a commemorative medal created in 2011 to mark the 60th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II.  They are issued in recognition of  completing over 5 years of service,  facing the prospect of dealing with emergencies as part of their conditions of service.

Picture shows Graeme accepting his medal from Theo Weston (Chairman of North West Basics), other photo show some of the other responding doctors receiving there medals.

Group Photo: Back row LtoR Theo Weston, Vic Calland, Alaric Hicks, John Wray, Phil Batty, Peter Hodkin.  Front row LtoR Andy Curran and our Graeme Spencer. 

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