A2Z Of Immediate Care

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Need a handy iPhone app detailing the A to Z of Immediate Care?  Well CSIbasics very own Dr Graeme Spencer in conjunction with other BASICS members have come up with one!


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AppStoreas of 25 Jan 2011

From Apple App store:

“This book is aimed at anyone involved with casualty care outside hospital – whether through work with police, fire, ambulance (or the rest of the NHS) or voluntary services. Although aimed at a UK market a lot of the content will be applicable to other health care systems.

99% of hospital patients become ill OUTSIDE hospital. This book explains the roles and skills of the emergency services that help get them to the right hospital having had the right treatment on the way there…that includes YOU!

We want to make you look afresh at both your own role and skills, and those of the other memebers of your pre-hospital team, whether you are a health (hospital or pre-hospital) or other emergency or voluntary service worker.” 


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