£12,880 in Donations/Grants

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We have received just under 13k of grant and donation money which has immediately been spent on equipment and training!

Over last few week CSIbasics has spend over £13,000 on new equipment needed to get our responders fully equipped across both Cheshire and Shropshire.  The majority of funds has been spent on our Shropshire responders getting vital equipment needed which will enable them to start responding in the next few months.  This will be the first time Shropshire has had access to a BASICS group proving an enhanced care team to the most serious trauma and medical cases attended by West Midlands Ambulance Service.

We would like to thank the following donations and grant organisations:

Lotto Grant – £10,000 (Shropshire)

Shrewsbury Council – £1,000 (Shropshire)

Congleton Council – £1,000 (Cheshire)

Northwich Rond Table – £480 (Cheshire)

Bridgnorth Lions – £400 (Shropshire)


Thanks to