David Rawlinson

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Fund Raising lead

Clinical Informatics Manager & Speciality Doctor Anaesthetics


Qualifying in Medicine from Keele in 2010, David has worked in the West Midlands and South Wales, latterly undertaking training in anaesthesia.ย  He has a long standing interest in Pre-hospital emergency medicine, facilitating the inception of a number of regional services in the voluntary sector, starting in 2004.ย  Before moving to Swansea with training he helped setup CSI BASICS.ย  The geographic move led to him becoming involved with the setup of the Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service in 2015.ย  His full time position is a Clinical Informatics Manager in the NHS, and holds an Honorary Clinical Research Fellow post with Swansea University. He maintains his anaesthetic practice part time with ABMU health board, and is working towards a master of research degree in health informatics at Swansea University.ย  Outside of medicine he leads fundraising for CSI, and is a full member of the institute of fund raising.





As part of Volunteers week, we asked Dr Rawlinson some more in depth questions about his activities within the organisation…

So what is your CSI BASICS role?
Fundraising Lead
And where do you respond?
Currently not actively responding due to move with work, but keen to pick it up again in the future!
How long have you been responding as a volunteer for?
Volunteered for various organisations for 13 years including St John Ambulance, Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire Ambulance First Responders, and North Staffordshire BASICS.
How long have you been associated with CSI BASICS?
I am a Founding Member
What motivates you to volunteer?
Whilst i initially volunteered to gain experience and skills to start a career in medicine, my motivation was then strengthened by seeing various patients who hadn’t had access to immediate medical care, whether it be early CPR and Defibrillation or critical care and may have benefitted.ย  Therefore I sought to help set up schemes in areas of need, especially rural areas.ย  My main interest still lies in helping individual patients, however there is great reward in getting involved in the managerial and funding side of things where large numbers of patients can benefit from your efforts.

It is great to see how the scheme we created in 2011 which incorporates a charity first formed in 1973 is going from strength to strength and has benefited many patients including those caught up in tragic recent events.ย  My day job takes me many miles by road, and its good to know that dedicated CSI volunteers are covering the roads I drive (when heading into England!) including during the hours of darkness when most NHS services are not funded or are too far away.

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