Crowdfunding Launch

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The team is currently Crowdfunding for a new Stryker Lifepak 15 patient monitor. This equipment allows us to monitor sick patients closely.

After a successful funding bid, we have a new Rapid Response Vehicle on order. The new vehicle will provide resilience in the team, give us a more secure platform to respond and gives us the ability to support the development of new responders.

To ensure we can care for our patients, we have to purchase the new equipment for this vehicle. This includes thousands of pounds worth of equipment including emergency monitoring equipment, ventilators and airway management tools. All this equipment is purchased by funds received by grants or donations and not provided by the statutory services in which we support.

During the current pandemic, our usual fundraising activities have had to stop, mostly because we have all been working on in the battle against this deadly disease. Despite this, the need to provide enhanced care to patients hasn’t changed. We have managed to remain operational, and to continue our work supporting the ambulance service.

This application is to raise funds to purchase a Lifepak 15 Patient Monitor. This piece of equipment allows us to closely monitor the patient’s vital signs which are essential when dealing with the sickest patients.

Any assistance would be gratefully received by the team and the patients we serve.

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