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All About The Cheshire & Shropshire Immediate Care Group
All about the Cheshire & Shropshire Immediate Care GroupThe Cheshire & Shropshire Immediate Care Group BASICS scheme aims to provide immediate care practitioners across Cheshire and the county of Shropshire.  BASICS Immediate Care schemes provide advanced life-saving skills at the scene of incidents.

Whether at the sharp end of patient care or running the team from behind the scenes, we are all volunteers who are passionate about doing our best for those who need our team’s skills the most.


We are funded 100% by charitable donations and have taken over the old Cheshire Road Accident Service charity number.  The old Cheshire scheme had become dormant, so by joining forces with a new Shropshire group, we hope to provide a brand new charity.

Ambulance Services

We work very closely both with the North West Ambulance Service and West Midlands Ambulance Service, supporting frontline staff in the treatment of those who may be critically ill and injured.  We are dispatched to incidents via either the Ambulance Service Trauma Cell or Ambulance Services Emergency Operations Centres. We could be deployed if the details from the informant on scene cause immediate concern by the Dispatchers, or following a crew request from those who arrive at the scene and feel the patient(s) may benefit from the advanced procedures we can offer.

Although we received support from the ambulance services in form of communication equipment we rely on donations to supply the valuable equipment and drugs we need, any help with this is greatly received.

Training & Qualifications

RTC DemoAll our pre-hospital practitioners hold accredited BASICS membership and have a wealth of experience in the pre-hospital arena.  Consisting of mainly Doctors but also including Advance Nurse Practitioners and Senior Paramedics.

All our active practitioners either hold or are working towards the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh & Faculty of Pre Hospital Care.  Along with a plethora of other pre-hospital qualifications.

We are always training, honing our skills and familiarising ourselves with up-to-date practices and procedures.  Keep an eye out for us demonstrating our skills at fund-raising events.

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